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Niu Raza Wins at New England Music Awards in First-Ever World Act Category

On October 17th, ALA alumna Ny-Ony Razafindratandra ’11, celebrated winning her very first American music award and being the very first recipient of the new World Act Category at The New England Music Awards….

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How ALA’s 6 Sector Communities Are Harnessing The Power of Networks

We have challenged ourselves these past years at ALA to harness the power that exists within the ALA Community. After engaging with ALA Alumni, friends of ALA and partner organisations, …

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Tinashe Manguwa ‘19 Releases Self-Published Poetry Book on Identity

Zimbabwean storyteller Tinashe Dylan Manguwa ‘19 independently published and released his first poetry book titled Oblivion. The book delves into a host of topics inspired by his own experiences over…


Inaugural Sherehe Raises over USD$100 000 for the Creative Arts at ALA

ALA hosted its first-ever Sherehe on July 10, 2021 in celebration of our young artists and to pledge support for further development of the creative arts at ALA. The event…


The AL Group Network Unite Through the Creative Arts at Open Mic Night

In a completely unprecedented year, the ALA community has been brought together virtually numerous times. However, one of the most impactful community gatherings occurred around the Arts. At the very…


Creative Arts at ALA Adds Student-led “Curating Africa” to Curriculum

In its new offering titled “Curating Africa”, our Creative Arts department is deconstructing and reimagining the concept of curation. Year 2 student Towela “Kams” Tembo ‘19 from Botswana is leading…


ALA Students Awarded Top Prizes in News Decoder Global Storytelling Contest

Three ALA students were awarded top prizes in the bi-annual News Decoder Storytelling Contest – making it the first time that three students from a single learning institution win prizes…


Bernie Mshana ’13 creates a cultural shift in Tanzania through animation

Bernie Mshana ’13 from Tanzania is using her unique life experiences to bridge the gap between Tanzanian beneficiaries of NGO work in the creative arts and funders in the Western…

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Giving Tuesday: Showing Gratitude for the Creative Arts

One thing that has served as a source of comfort, strength and joy throughout the year is the plethora of digital creative arts offerings across the globe. From Tik Tok…


Mufalo Mufalo ‘20 uses the power of the creative arts for social change

What is the closest thing we have to magic? For first-year ALA student Mufalo Mufalo, his response is simple: we have art. Mufalo Mufalo is a young Zambian artist who…


Students explore identity through the Creative Arts course at ALA

Dr. Sarah Kgagudi, Director of Creative Arts and Events at ALA shares how the Creative Arts course at ALA provides an introspective platform for students to examine identity through different mediums.  About the course  In our first…

Tapiwa Gambura ’18 – Reclaiming the African Narrative through Film

“I believe that individuals who have ideas can change the world, and I have ideas. How do we ensure that our continent emerges and gains the economic and political independence it deserves? This is what my life’s purpose should be about.”


Entrepreneur and Designer David Lewis ’15 Partners with Bremen Fashion House

Nigerian fashion designer David Lewis ’15 is the founder of Lewini, a design-thinking clothing company reinventing the use of colors in everyday unisex clothing. After his second year of studying…

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Motswana photographer Towela Tembo ’19 uses multimedia to cross creative borders

When second-year ALA student Towela Chawezi Tembo (also known as Towela Kams) from Botswana picked up a camera for the very first time in 2015, she didn’t know that photography…


ALA Alumni Female Vocalist Group, Malkia the Band Performs at UN Women’s International Youth Day 2020

The African Leadership Academy (ALA) student body consists of multi-talented future leaders who come together to exchange ideas and creativity through various cultural and arts events regularly taking place on…

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Najmeddine Harrabi

Filmmaker and Comedian Najmeddine Harrabi’s Journey into the Creative Arts Industry

Najmeddine Harrabi ‘13 speaks often about how his upbringing as a shepherd boy in Tunisia has led him to Los Angeles where he is currently pursuing an MFA in Film and Television Production at University of Southern California. He reckons that his lowly background has propelled him to do what he has always wanted to do – to create art.

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Uzoma Chidumaga Orji

Uzoma Chidumaga Orji ’12 Uses Art and Technology to Explore Identities and African Realities

Uzoma Chidumaga Orji ’12 is a visual artist and creative technologist who, while solidly defining the themes he explores in his creative and technological endeavours, is not bound by the boxes that titles and definitions often require.
When you google “Uzoma Chidumaga Orji”, his website ‘’ leads you to a unique, interactive and colourful portfolio encapsulating the essence of his work. Uzoma is a creative young man who designs engaging human-centred digital experiences as well as art that observes and creates representations of the society in which he lives.


Ny Ony Razafindratandra ’11 – Telling African Stories through Music

“I feel like music is a tool for me to make positive change on the continent. The highlight of my musical journey was the validation of 4,000 people in a stadium singing my song from top to bottom without me having to sing it… It has been really nice to see how much impact one can have on a younger generation and even the older generation of people just who want to change.”

Rima Tahini

Rima Tahini ’10 – Developing Africa’s Next Music Stars

“For me, it’s beyond being in entertainment; it is about building one of the leading industries in Africa today. I hope to see the African music industry grow, and I want the industry to be developed to a place where we have institutions within it and our artists can flourish and have platforms and opportunities. That feeling of seeing someone go from zero to becoming a star is very fulfilling.”


#WhatMovesYou? Inspiring Change and Staying Connected through Visual Arts

The world as we know it has changed. As communities around the world grapple with a ‘new normal’ brought about by the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, the world is uniting through the creative arts whether it be through virtual concerts in John Legend’s living room, or online museum tours, the arts are virtually bringing us together in a time of social distancing. As a result, the ALA community has found various ways to stay engaged, vibrant and connected to one another. In Tanzania, Emmanuel Mushy ’11 launched a street art campaign promoting good hygiene and alternative modes of greeting in Kigogo, a rural part of Tanzania. The art mural, titled Zingatia – which means ‘consider’, was installed in the locale with over 57,000 residents, many of whom are low income and illiterate. For people who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, this campaign communicates clearly in a language easily understood.