Maged Hassan ’19 qualifies for finals at the U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship

Maged Hassan ‘19 from Egypt is one of three students on the Connecticut College’s Arabic Debate Team who finished in the top four at the 2nd U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship (USADC).

Connecticut College’s Arabic Debate Team: Iyad Ait Hou, Abubakr El Sobky and Maged Hassan (right). Image: Connecticut College

The group went up against 40 teams representing 34 of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., hosted by the University of Chicago.

Organised by QatarDebate – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – The Second U.S universities Arabic Debate Championship saw teams compete for 3 days and Connecticut College qualified for the finals to be held in Qatar later this year.

The large number of top universities participating in this championship reflects the international status of QatarDebate and its efforts to spread the Arabic language in the American continent.

While at ALA, Hassan was appointed as the managing director of the South African Ideas Festival, a Bezos scholar and a pioneer research fellow.

He also received the Sani Prize Award, named in the spirit of Mr. Iliyasu Adinoyi Sani, an African pioneer and member of the inaugural ALA faculty. It is awarded to the student whose tireless effort, innovative solutions, lofty ideals, and commitment to excellence serves to further the mission, vision, and values of the Academy.

While completing his studies at Connecticut College, Hassan also serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Logicae Science. The organization is an educational non-profit working to develop Africa’s human and technical capacity to generate, adapt and use scientific knowledge to collaboratively create data-driven solutions to her greatest challenges, and stimulate wide-scale structural change.